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"Offering a tale that is instantly gripping, Ryan Callaway seems poised to emerge as a premier author of horrific tales in the 21st century. Uncannily skilled at descriptive passages - and sporting a genuine feel for how people actually react when confronted by terrifying circumstances- the author creates moments that will evoke a cold chill of dread in even the most jaded of readers. His style is not only entertaining, but absolutely terrifying. Callaway is a desperately needed wake up call to the genre."

Ryan Callaway grew up in "Weird NJ" on stories about the Jersey Devil and some of the other local lore. He started writing at an early age and almost immediately teachers and others around him noticed his talent. One of his early stories was read out loud every Friday to an eager 7th grade English class. At the age of 16 Ryan wrote the novel "Six Faces" which later became his first published book. Since then he's written several novels, and recently branched out into the world of film production. He has several screenplays and two soon-to-be-distributed films under his belt. Other stints included a year as a co-host on a national radio program, and other related speaking engagements. Ryan continues to write in the horror and suspense genres.

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